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Birdrock, CA Sound Mark Walk

This walk was created in fall of 2020 by Lexi Pulido, a multi-media artist based in San Diego CA as part of her 8-week Sound Art Group Workshop series at Kalabash School of Music and the Arts. Pulido was inspired by the Elastic City walks of New York. Through the lens of its sound, participants are invited to combine imagination and self reflection with the living, sounding world around Birdrock, CA. 

Pocketing Water Workshop

Following discussions on groove, pocket, micro timing, and phrasing, participants experimented with these musical concepts while discovering the ranges of sounds possible by their instrument for this workshop, a bucket of water on a table and various objects. Using rhythm-counting basics from the konnikol oral tradition, participants practiced “slap, plunge, plow” hand-water playing techniques used by water musicians from the northern islands of Vanuatu. With the tools of looping a groove and speech-based rhythms, participants practiced repetition, speed, accents, phrasing, and improvisation over a groove. The workshop was sealed off by a cleansing “sound bath” meditational improv.