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Lexi Pulido is a vocalist, music teacher, composer and owner of Tenam Studio based in San Diego, California. As a In 2019, Pulido released her first self-composed and produced album, Agency, with theatrical alt-jazz quintet, Kilikili

Acting as a dancer and vocalist in Baby Bushka, Pulido works alongside seven powerhouse female musicians to deliver "other-worldly versions" of Kate Bush music "from the ethereal to the bombastic and back again." Pulido plays guitar with a bossa nova-inspired harmonic and rhythmic color palette, accompanying her vocals in fusion jazz duo, Lex and the Jewels, and composing guitar parts for enchanting, indie-folk group, Kaivalya. She studied jazz under the guidance of Grammy award-winning producer, Kamau Kenyatta, and has curated music as host of San Diego's popular jazz fusion jam, Nu Moods at The Quartyard since 2018.


She received her B.A. from UCSD in 2015 for Music of Jazz and the African Diaspora, where, in addition to growing her relationship with the many branches of jazz, she discovered her love for the deep treasures of both performance art and Brazilian musical styles. She has since periodically curated performances and workshops to include, Brazilian music concert collaboration with The Danny Green Trio (2017), The Music of Elis Regina (2021), collaborations with The Zicas (2016-17), Kaivalya Sound Meditation Journey at Ginseng Yoga (2019), Jam on Toast Sound Space Workshops (2020), Sound Mark Walk in Birdrock, CA (2020),  Supportive characters on Miss Nati’s Music Box (2020), Baby Bushka School of Magic Patreon Content (2021), Soul Challenge at The Template (2021), and Continuum (2021).

Notable mentions include KPBS 5 songs to discover in April 2020, 2020 Songs to Discover: a year in music in San Diego, KPBS 5 songs to discover in San Diego in January 2021, Bottom Feeders Quarterly - Agency Album review.


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Lexi Pulido has been developing her relationship with teaching voice, guitar, piano, and ukulele since graduating UCSD in 2015 with a B.A. in Music of Jazz and the African Diaspora. Eight years of experience as a gigging and touring musician, concert curator, jam session host, and passionate self study and education in vocal technique allow her to offer a dynamic and flexible perspective on music, vocal studies, and performance art. She is currently working on a vocal workbook that will allow teachers and students to experience musicianship, improvisation, listening skills, embodiment, and much more through creative and inspiring exercises.

Working with all ages, Pulido has mentored young theater students to score lead roles in musicals, instrumentalists to read and interpret their favorite songs, experienced singers to craft their jazz improvisation, songwriters to finish and record their projects, professional vocalists to perform at their peak in the studio, and speakers and lecturers to project their voices comfortably across a room.

She goes above and beyond for her students, hosting periodic recitals and making arrangements and backing tracks for rehearsals and performances. Her wide range of experience allows her to personalize lessons and lead each student to achieve their personal goals.

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