Lexi Pulido is San Diego’s own “vocal juggernaut,” a jazz fusion vocalist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist with an impressive versatility and highly engaging improvisational interplay. The charismatic host of San Diego's popular fusion jam 2017-2021, Nu Moods at Quartyard, works with world-class musicians to deliver professional performances in the styles of jazz, Brazilian, pocket groove, and original music. Performing solo or duo with drums in Lex and the Jewels, Pulido’s use of loop pedals, guitar, and keyboard playing create a full-band effect. Whether fronting as vocalist for the Nu Moods crew or holding down the music as Lex and the Jewels, Pulido’s acts achieve a decadent, crafted atmosphere and are a great addition to concerts, weddings, restaurants, and festivals.


2/10 - Lexi Pulido and Harley Magsino at Banzai Bar in Midway 8-10pm

 - Lex and the Jewel Valentine's at Golden Island 6:30-8:30
2/16 - Swag Wagon 11-12pm at 7 Grand (instrumental set 10-11pm)
2/19 - Lex and the Jewel at Second Chance Caramel Mountain 6:30-8:30
2/20 - Lexi Pulido Solo at Rancho Guejito Vineyards 1-5pm
2/28 - Continuum: a Long Form Improv at Bread and Salt with Project BLANK projectblanksd.org 

4/9 - Swag Wagon at Black Rail 8-10pm
4/15-4/18 - Baby Bushka West coast tour ilovebabybushka.com

5/17-6/5 - Baby Bushka UK tour ilovebabybushka.com
- Lexi Pulido Sextet at Rancho Guejito 3-7pm